Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FOOD CRAVES: The Burger that towers your cravings!

Aren't you tired of eating hamburgers with all the same look? A burger bun, hamburger patty and mayo?? Plus cheese and green thingy like lettuce or cucumber just to give something new? *well I'm not pertaining to any particular burger brand. lol.

After releasing the double down.. now KFC put another teaser and a craving much burger that would probably put your jaw down and forget your diet at all. It is something new! And something really BIG!


Some people might ask what's about it? Well, of course it got a big hamburger buns, creamy mayo, crisp and fresh lettuce, a delicious hash brown (oh my! new isn't it?), cheese and the good original recipe chicken patty (same chicken patty as with the double down).

I was so excited when my boyfriend and I scheduled our tower burger day, or I should say MY tower burger day! HAHA! August 3, Wednesday, it's our post monthsary celebration at KFC! With all this mouth watering and much appreciation as my boyfriend handed down in our table the tray with the KFC tower burger!

And OMG! "Watta big box!"

And when I open it "Watta tower burger!" HAHA.

Before eating this, I noticed that the arrangement was not right. Look again at the picture I took using my android phone. The hash brown goes last on the list. I don't know if it was just a mistake by one of the crew or it's just how they want to be in the KFC tower burger Filipino version. Anyway! I don't care! Because.. no matter the sequence of those, when you put together it is still a towering burger! It's actually the hash brown that made me crave like crazy! I've never had a hash brown in a burger..Ever! :)

We ordered the Tower burger snack box meal which includes tower burger, fries, one drink and one piece chicken. Apparently, tower burger was all mine. Though he got a bite of it. But I'm proud for I finished it all alone! HAHA! This burger can go as high as 2 and a half inch. Could you believe I ate KFC tower burger with my bare hands and all-stretched mouth! Super stretched! I didn't care what and how might people look at me even my hubby.. for he was saying, "Ang laki naman kasi.. I can't imagine to eat that BIG..." WELL..its really quite high to bite. But its munching! And finally I'd got a taste of this towering burger! I have to tell, honestly I had a quite time finishing it. But indeed, it was a great one! I enjoyed every single bite! BUSOG MUCH! swear! And I want another time with this tower burger. Another busog moment. :)


KFC is obviously my favorite one! two-thumbs up! yeah!

A KFC tower burger alone cost P110.oo.
A meal with fries and drink cost P140.oo.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

FOOD CRAVES: Dairy Queen

I think everyone loves to eat. Lalo na tayong mga Pilipino. Kumakain nga tayo ng higit pa sa tatlong meal! At minsan lahat yon may rice pa! (My host parents in Wisco knew it. It's one of our trade mark as Pinoy daw?? lol.). We have merienda sa umaga at hapon. Kaya nauso ang recess break 1 and 2 sa high school. At siyempre meron dn tinatawag na mid-night snack. Mahilig din kasi tayo sa junk foods gaya ng chips kaya pag pumunta ka sa mga tindahan sa kung saan-saan laging may tig-pipiso ka na mabibili! At kung tinatamad ka pumunta sa tindahan meron mga naglalako diyan. Pero take note, bihira ako kumain ng street foods kasi, medyo maarte to tiyan ko. Diarrhea ang aabutin ko sa mga isaw-isaw na yan! Hindi naman ako sosy.. pero kung maaari yun clean foods. Yun lutong luto.. hindi pa ata pumasok sa isip ko na kumain ng hilaw! yuckness! haha.. At sana yun mantika hindi 7 times na nagamit! JUSMEH!

Kaya eto naisipan ko na i-blog ang tungkol sa mga pagkain. Sa totoo lang kasi mahilig ako kumain. Timawa na kung timawa. Try to ask my kapamilya, kaya kong umubos ng isang bandeha ng fried rice! HAHA! Kaya di na ako magugulat kung tumaba ako ng bongga. Kaya noon nung nag diet ako, AY! nako.. skip kung skip! Di talaga ako kakain, para lang pumayat. Di kasi mabilis ang metabolism ko. Kaya patayan ang pagdidiet. Lalo na nun nagpunta ako sa Amerika. Wala na ako nagawa. Nag boom boom ang weight ko! At isa sa mga dahilan ay ang DAIRY QUEEN! I stayed sa Dowe Family, sa 1219 Homestead Rd., Beaver Dam Wisconsin. It's only a few blocks away ay matatanaw mo na ang Dairy Queen. Maliit lang yung branch doon. Pero talagang pinipilahan ng mga beaver dam people! Kilala din kasi ang Wisconsin sa milk and cheese products. Kaya kahit malamig ang panahon doon, they still can't resist ang ice cream. And we can't deny the fact that we Filipinos are also fond of sweets like ice cream lalo na sa weather natin.

My host sister from Brazil, named Paula Milan asked me out to eat DQ. Kahit gabing-gabi na tumuloy kami. Naglakad kami..suot ang jacket namin. Kasi talaga naman malamig. At nang marating na namin ang 1501 N Center St.. ayun na ang maliwanag na logo ng Dairy Queen! Medyo mahaba ang pila. Isang buong pamilya ata ang bumibili. Pero okay lang sa amin ni Paula, kasi may mga pogi! HAHA! Plus, nag-isip pa kami kung ano ang bibilhin. Ever since naman maka blizzard ako..so I tried yun chocolate milkshake. I loved it! Kaya I always save money for it. So after school, nagpapadaan kami ni Paula sa DQ drive-thru. DQ is so sweet kaya nakakalimutan namin yun feeling lonely and homesick. It's one of our sad reliever.

Tuwing luluwas naman ako, di pwedeng walang DQ! When I had this get-together malling with my high school friends. We went to Trinoma and SM North. And we didn't missed DQ! I ate chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard. Yum! Yum!

Last March, we, mass comm peeps went over to ABS-CBN to watch as a live audience in Showtime. Right after, we went to SM North. At kahit busog much sa Tokyo-tokyo lunch, my boyfriend and I still managed to have DQ!

And see how he LIKED it! HAHA! He ordered Oreo cookies and Cream Blizzard.

Dairy Queen offers a lot of variety soft serves like, dipped cones, sundae, blizzards, milkshakes, Royal Treats, waffles, Moolattes, and even cakes. In the U.S. they even offer hamburgers, french fries, drinks and other snacks. Masarap siya. Sweet kung sweet. Kaya I will recommend na have water with you when you eat any DQ treats. And for me the best ang BLIZZARD! Wag lang yun my nuts..pero masarap din daw yun. I just don't prefer yung may nuts sa ice cream and chocolates.

According to Bright Hub website, ang isang chocolate chip cookie dough small cup blizzard ay may total na 590 calories, with 270 of those are coming from fat. Plus this whopping ice cream has 59 grams of sugar, na sa isang coke in can ay may 39 grams lang. Though with calcium content may 35% ang isang small na DQ blizzard. We see it that they contain a lot of calories and sugar. So it's okay if we indulge ourselves these DQ treats moderately. Next time I will probably try yun waffle and yun banana split. :)

How I wish we have Dairy Queen here in Baliwag, just like as how much we wished for Starbucks! :)

We have daw here just like DQ version located sa tapat ng watson sa may SM Baliwag.. Swirls ata yun name. I tasted it and I don't like it. Di siya firm madaling malabnaw. Parang may kulang sa mixture. The best pa din ang DAIRY QUEEN! :))


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Second Thoughts

The WHAT IF- thinking before you do. And the WHAT IF-thinking after the action. Still in both situation we ask, WHAT IF?

I guess everyone experiencing having seconds thoughts in mind. Sometimes we don't realize we're having it. But we're actually experiencing it in our every day routine. By the time you wake up in the morning. You will ask yourself:

"Am I going to school/work, what if not?"
"Am I gonna get up and start my day or just be lazy all day?"
"What am I gonna have for breakfast?"
"What should I wear?"

Second thought? Yes. Because we've got a lot of choices, obviously. You can either choose to have bacon or a scrambled egg in your breakfast. Or just skip it and sleep again. But if you choose to do the latter, then you'll be wasting your time, unless you badly need it due to lack of sleep. You can choose a red shirt over a white blouse. You can choose any, because we all have the privilege to do so. But does it mean, any we choose is good for us? Maybe yes. Maybe no. If you choose bacon over scrambled egg, what would you feel? Anyhow both of them are food. You will be satisfied but probably not as much over the other vice versa. Because, probably one of those is much satisfying for you based on your taste and wants.

Many of us get bothered of these second thoughts, "WHAT IF?" For some reason, even we don't want it to feel, we still do. Ridiculous! And I really hate it when it happens. When I'm buying clothes, bags or anything, I surely have this brood mind. "What should I buy?" "What if buy this or this?

When my friends and I don't have place to go, we have this brood mind again. "Where should we go, Mcdo or Jollibee?"(right? like we always say)

It simply shows, that we think these second thoughts first before we act upon it. We think, feel, decide and then you do. We always ask ourselves, WHAT IF?

I can say second thought is like doubts in ourselves. We get to doubt something before we buy or eat it. We get to doubt someone before we trust him/her. We get to doubt the question before we answer yes or no. We think. But not as always. Sometimes we get away by our feelings or emotions.

When you're mad, do you think what to say, feel and do? NO! because we're carried away. Then you lose control. Say foul words. And much to that we feel such hatred wherein we punish ourselves in return.

When you're in love, do you get to think? Yes. But most of the time, NO! We get to come with the waves of our emotions and feelings. We forget to ask, WHAT IF?

I have this professor, that I love so much! She is good, actually very good! She always gives us words of wisdom. And most of it, is very applicable to me.

"You will always have second thoughts, Aynah...", she quoted.
Yes. She's right. I do have second thoughts.

What IF, I never went addicted to alcohols and gimiks?

What IF, I never let go of him? Will I get to love Gerard?

What IF, I control my temper? Can we have better understanding and mend our differences?

What IF, I'm on his shoes? Do I feel same shame he felt over?

What IF, I just listen first?

What IF, I did not get pregnant? And instead have this dream life and career.

"What if, we do it the other way around?"
"Are we gonna end up differently and better?"

What IF?
When we fall into a wrong decision, we tend to regret. Of course! It's already a life formula. When its done, then we evaluate our wrong doings, and then, regret. But that doesn't mean, you can never be right again. The what-if-second thought will always be a ghost in our minds. You can never take it away. One way or another, they will dwell in our minds and feelings. What important is, when you do right, be proud. And when you do wrong, stand for it. Though sometimes its hard and painful, well its part of the consequences. And then, try to make better choices next time. No one is perfect, anyway. Mistakes and wrong decisions are part of our lives. It's you! It's us who will be deciding and making our own life history. Who give a damn to what you do?! Its your life make the most out of it.

What if you've done it? Who cares! Just do BETTER next time. HAHA!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sino ang dehado?

Babala: Sensitive ang mga pictures. Based ito sa actual na nangyari.
Hulyo 18, Lunes, Gabi.

Kumain kami mga bandang 6:30 ng gabi. Pagkatapos ay nag-hugas ako ng mga pinagkainan at nag-after clean ng lahat. Nang ako ay tumungo sa banyo, nakita ko ang isang maliit na daga o yung tinatawag na bubwit. Sumigaw kaagad ako,

"Syet!, may dagaaaaaaaaa!!!"

Natakot ako ngunit para bang natakot din siya at siniksik niya ang kanyang sarili sa isang sulok at hindi gumagalaw. Tinawag ko ang bunso sa amin at pinakuha ko agad-agad ang alaga niyang pusa (puti at may asul na mga mata). Ganoon ako ka desperada na mawala iyon at mapatay na (ayoko talaga ng daga sa bahay o kahit anong pesteng creatures, sino ba hindi db?).

Ngunit ang pusa ay tila bagang ayaw magpakita at nawawala. Kung kailan kailangan siya saka naman wala. (Bwiset yon', pag kakain kami lagi na lang biglang susulpot, minsan pa nga ay magugulat ka talaga sa kanya.)

Sigaw pa din ako ng sigaw, "Hanapin niyo, dali..." Di kasi gumagalaw yun daga. Mainam kako at madali siya mahuhuli. Dumating na ang kapatid ko dala ang pusa. Hinagis niya kung nasaan ang daga. Ngunit medyo "stupid" yun pusa, at di niya napansin. Hanggang sa pinagdildilan na ng kapatid ko. Finally, nakita at kinagat kagad niya yun nakakainis na bubwit. Lumabas ang pusa patungo sa sala, bitbit sa kanyang bibig ang bubwit. Kanya-kanya kami ng reaksyon. Ang pinsan ko na may ginagawa sa may laptop ay biglang napahinto. Ganoon din ang kapatid ko na si Carina, na nagrereview. Ako at si bunso ay sumunod sa sala at pinagkatuwaan namin lahat ang eksena nung pusa at daga. Tuwang-tuwa kami na nanunuod. At naisipan pa namin na kunan ng litrato. Nakakapagtaka lang kung ano ang tumatakbo sa isip nung pusa. Bakit kasi ayaw pa niya kainin at talagang pinaglalaruan pa niya ang bubwit. Hahayaan niya na maglakad si bubwit, pagkatapos ay bigla niyang susunggaban. Aakto pa ang pusa na dahan-dahan naglalakad, na may matang lumiliksi na nakatanaw sa daga at biglang susunggaban. May pagkakataong pa na parang i-eat bulaga niya ang bubwit. Nakakatawa. Kada galaw niya sa bubwit ay kinukunan namin ng picture (tamang trip lang).


Kawawang BUBWIT

Maya-maya ay napansin namin na hindi na gumagalaw ang kawawang bubwit. Pag tinitigan mo pa nga ay mapapansin mo na hinihingal na siya at tila ba malalagutan na siya ng hininga, mamamatay na. Pero patuloy pa din ang pusa. Nung nagsawa na siya ay ginamit na niya ang kanyang matatalim na ngipin, kinagat, nginuya, kinain, nilunok. Wala na ang bubwit. Wala na rin ang tawanan. Bigla na kami nandiri. Nang aming i-preview ang mga pictures, naawa kami sa bubwit. Aming pang ini-zoom ang mga larawan at nakita namin ang lupaypay niyang katawan. Kita ko na para bang gusto niya kumawala pero wala siyang laban.

Naalala niyo ba ang TOM and JERRY series? Isang cartoon show na talagang na hook ang lahat. Ito ay cartoon cat at mouse duo. Dito kasi ay pinagtatawanan natin ang pusa, si Tom dahil sa lagi siyang naiisahan ng maliit ngunit matalinong daga, si Jerry. Kahit anong patibong pa ang kanyang gawin, ay laging nakakaalpas si Jerry. Minsan pa nga ay nababaliktad ni Jerry ang sitwasyon. Sa huli, si Tom ang nabibiktima ng sarili niyang patibong. Ngunit sa realidad pala hindi ganito ang nangyayari. Kagaya nun kay pusa at bubwit. Wala kasing writer na gagawa ng storyboard. Oo, may actors pa din sina pusa at daga lamang. Tayo o kami naman yun naging viewers. In reality kasi, ang mas malakas at malaki ang nagwawagi. Kaya si bubwit ay talo. Kumbaga walang matalino sa pagkakataong ito. Kasi kung may maisip man na paraan ang bubwit, kahit ano pa man yun. Wala pa din iyon silbi o laban sa mga kamay ng pusa. Dahil ang advantage sa eksena na ito, ay nasa pusa, na malaki, may tikas, lakas at bilis. Kaya dehado ang kawawang bubwit. Bigla tuloy pumasok sa isip ko na ganoon din pala ang eksena sa buhay ng mga tao sa lipunan, hindi ba? Sa environment na meron tayo, ang may kapangyarihan at mga mayayaman ang siyang nagwawagi, nananaig, sila ang pusa ng ating lipunan. Ang mga mahihirap, salat sa materyal na bagay at pangangailangan, mga kapos sa edukasyon at kalinangan, sila ang daga ng lipunan. Mga walang laban. Kahit saang aspeto kasi ng lipunan ang mga daga ay parang saling pusa lamang. Mga taga-sunod ng mga pusa. Kagaya ng sa pulitika, ang mga mayayamang pusa ay gagawin ang lahat, papatay ng kanyang kapwa pusa o pasusunurin ang mga daga para lang makuha ang inaasam na posisyon. Paglalaruan ang mga daga pag wala ng kapakinabangan ay saka na sila gagamit ng matatalim na ngipin, kakagatin, ngunguyain, kakainin, lulunukin, papatayin. Kagaya nun ginawa ng pusa sa bubwit pagkatapos paglaruan ay kakainin din pala. Kawawang bubwit.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Totoo ata yun paniniwala ng mga Pinoy..na mas natutuloy ang biglaang lakad kaysa sa nakaplano na??

Ilan beses na nangyari sa akin ang mga biglaan. Yun tipong out of nowhere, sasabihin na lang eh TARA??

Biglaang inuman, TARA?

Biglaang SM, TARA?

Biglaang stroll, TARA?

Biglaang luwas, TARA?

Biglaang swimming, TARA?

Biglaang home buwisit, TARA?

Biglaang overnight, TARA?

Biglaang kain nga ng bongga meron din eh. HAHA!

Biglaang HARRY POTTER??? Oo. Akalain mo. Ang barkada ay naka set ng Monday, July 18. After lunch pa nga eka weh! Balak pa ni Mr. Melvin Mangahas na hindi pumasok sa unang meeting nila ng subject na Conversational English. HAHA! 

Saturaday, July 16.
Puyat ako dahil gumawa ako ng unang blog ko dito. Inabot ako hanggang ala una ng madaling araw. Pagkatapos ay gumising ng maaga at may pasok ng 9am kay #Mamita (Melody Tolentino). Late na kami. Magagaling kasi kami. HAHA! Akala kasi namin wala pa si Ma'am. Nagkita kita kame sa may Registrar ng B.U. (Tagged: ako, Miyo, Melvin, Rem)

Umakyat kami sa radio lab. Hiningal ako dun. Tas konting chikahan. At inayos ang mga blogs at accounts namin. Nagklase kami. After ng klase pinuntahan namin si #Chad, sa may reading center. Tapos sabay sabay kami pumunta ng -----(sikretong malupet!) hahaha. Kasabay na namin si Gerard. Pagdating dun walang kanin! hmp. Sila miyo, chad at jjamps eh sa iba na lang tumungo. Kami naman ni Gerard ay nag-antay. Kumaen. Nabusog. :)))

Nagpunta kami ng library bandang 1pm. Nagbasa ako ng ilang libro. Habang ng kaklase sina #Arpee at Gerard kay Ma'am Vicky. *medyo tamad talaga yun dalawa! HAHA!

Umuwi sa bahay. Doon nagpalit ng damit si Gerard (duty niya sa Mcdo ng 4pm). Ako naman eh natulog mga 20 mins pa lng siguro yun eh nagising ako at napakainet! Kaimbyerna ang inet sa kwarto kaya, nagbukas pa ako ng aircon. Di pa man din humihimbing yun tulog ko eh. Umakyat ang bunso ko kapatid, si Rap. Sinilip lang niya ako. Tas tulog ulit. Maya-maya umakyat na naman.

"yun kaklase mo MALAKI! andito..." HAHA! (si chad yun)

Sabi ko, "Baka kukunin lang yung HP dvd." 

"E kasama kaya yun isa pa lalaki"


"Yun kasama mu nun sa Pageant!"

"Si Melvin?! Bakit naman kaya?"

Bumaba ako. Si Chad ay inaabangan ako sa baba. 

"INNA! Ngayon na tayo manood ng HARRY POTTER!"

"HA? di nga? Ayan si Gerard Paano?"

"Si Mamita mo, biglang nag-aya!"

"WAAA! haha. TARA, TARA!

Biglaang TARA! :) HP the best! Worried nga lang ako at si Gerard ko eh di kasama.


Mag HP kami ulet! HAHA :D

It all ends here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Letting GO's

I experienced "Letting Go" so many times. By the day I was born I did let go. I lived in my Mama's tummy for like nine months. Imagine by February 20 I learned to let go and left her tummy. It wasn't a difficult one. Actually this was probably the best let go I did. I made my parents smile and as much as the entire clan. I enjoyed everyone's eye and attention at me, until my sister also let go on our Mama's womb. I was so happy to have her as a sister and a playmate. Not for a long while, we grew up and learned to be mortal enemies as well. What was mine, should be hers too. If I wear this, she should wears same as mine. If I eat something, she should have it too. I got so jealous, I believed there are certain things that should only be mine. But, my sister didn't agree to this. Instead, she'll cry to death until she would be like "kawawa" (pitiful) one. So my parents would say:

"Hayaan mo na yan, Ate ka naman.. Pahiram muna..." ("Let her.. your the Eldest sister.. Let her have it for a while")

There I gave my doll that my Ninong (godfather) gave me. I let go on my doll. That was the first hurtful let go. But that didn't last. Because like other kids, my attention easily captured by other things or toys. Same thing happened when my little brother arrived in the family. He was so cute and adorable. Everyone loved him specially our parents, the mere fact that he was their first son and they probably got fed up on us (having two girls). I got so jealous wherein I did crazy things just to get their attention. Where I ended up being scolded. But what can I do? I was craving for love and attention that my brother had been enjoying. Soon I learned he is my brother, nothing to worry for our parents surely love us fair and square. I ended up, letting go of this natural envious resentment to my siblings. I liked the taste of this let go, for this welcome happiness, peace of mind and indeed a contentment on my part.

As when school started, I was not like other kids who used to be pampered at school by their parents. I saw parents outside our classroom and for me it's so annoying! And then some of my classmates will cry if they're parents leave them. Well, I'm not like them. I loved to go to school carrying may fancy bag, wearing my head band on my wavy hair, and wearing my huge smile dedicated to my first ultimate crush. Further, it was actually him that gave me reason of loving school, my pre-elem and elementary days. He's my dream boyfriend to be, what a puppy love wasn't it? Well, his name is Allan Castro. I can still remember that whenever we got free time, we used to play the game "My Favorite Fruit..." (a game where 2 or more persons will hold their hands and clap a hand to the other hand while we sing the song.. My favorite fruit is Adam fruit...Anong pangalan ng first love mo?) Of course, I was shy to tell who was he, for I knew they will just going to tease me. And if Allan would know my little puppy love secret on him, he might stay away from me. And that would be awkward! But one day he confronted me. Some of my closest friends spilled out some clues about me liking him. I went so shy. I just can't looked at him. "Ha? Bakit naman?" (Why would I?), I denied. Until every single day he would just forced me to confirm the rumors that has been spreading in our grade-III class. I don't know if I was so obvious that I was lying or it's just my lovable trustful friends kept on betraying secrets of ours. Eventually I was forced. I came to realize I have to let go of my shyness and tell him everything before it gets too late. (the heck! Am I really matured at that time and age to think of saying my feelings with such braveness?) I did. I told him even though I don't know what would be his reaction even his response, nothing at all. And I was surprised, he even likes me too! :) I knew it! He have also a crush on me. lol What a sweet let go, anyway!

It didn't last long. He transferred to a different school when we where at fifth grade. And I focused much on my academic and extra-curricular activities at school. I did well at school I was always at the top 3. My teacher kept on trying me out in every activities and competition. I sang with the group. I danced (which I really like). And I joined in declamations and quiz bees. And I was not always a winner. As I lose in every contest. I let go. My mother taught me to accept defeat. Though sometimes I blamed myself for not studying much, for not memorizing my piece so well, for being in the contest not so ready unlike my opponents were. But still, there was happiness for I knew my parents were still there cheering me up. And we will just go to jollibee to celebrate my "pagkatalo" (defeat). This let go is equal to a Jollibe meal! :P

High school was almost done, when I got the opportunity to be an exchange student to the United States of America. At first I was so excited for this was my dream and much as my parents' dream. But this privilege has to sacrifice a lot of things on my part which made me doubt to pursue my american dream. It would be my first time to be far away from my friends, family and from what I used to do. I thought that time "this would be a total change like a major change in my life!"

I was almost quitting but thank God that I realized that if I would not grab this I would missed half of my life! I figured out I have to go out of my comfort zone. I have to let go of my own box or else I will be stock on my box of fears and doubts. There you go! I pursued my american dream. The let-go-my-box made me a lot of who I am now. I become more independent, gained knowledge, self-confidence, experience, unforgettable moments, breath taking first times and above all were bunch of friends that I'm treasuring up to now. This is probably the unforgettable let go. The turning point of my life.

As I went back to my home country, I asked myself: "Am I going back with my old lifestyle? A study hard person?" I got fed up of studying over and over again. I'd spent my entire life being pressured at school and always be on top. So when I got up to college, I decided to let go of my image. And because of let-go-image, I'd easily lured by the B.I.'s (bad influence) I let go of my academic stuff and prioritized my barkada and gimiks. I did cutting classes. Joined my friends at any inuman (drinking) session. This let go put me to bad side of the world. It was one whole semester when I was so not to studying. As second semester came along, I got to know this person who changed my life 360 degrees! Soon I'd learned to love him and had this serious turned to freaky relationship. I quited smoking, drinking, and gimiks. But to this puts me again to my box. However, this was different. He took me away from my wants, dreams and friends. He was so obsessed and possessive during in our growing relationship. He prisoned me to his own life-box. My big social world become a tiny one. My friends kept on saying, "You have to quit, it's going no where..." But I was so in love which made me like a blind. That's probably the reason why "Love is BLIND," saying exists. After four months of "away-bati" scenes, our relationship ended with such bitterness. I can't believe he left me with no valid reason. He just said, "Move on." Despite of leaving me behind, I still loved him. And at that time I can't let go. I gave everything he asked for, and I was even ready to give him a lot more. But I can't believe he turned everything to trash. He kept on going back after few months but each attempt was meant to be a joke. It hurts. I've learn to LET GO how many times, why I can't this time?

“We can never turn back the pages of time, though we may wish to relive a happy moment, or say goodbye just one last time, we never can, because the sands of time continue to fall, and we can’t turn the hourglass over. It's time to let go. It will be okay...”

Everything sums up to the art of LETTING GO. And I think it will always be part of our daily lives. No matter what, we have to let go of the other. We have to choose. I believe that life is a matter of choice. How you live is how you decide. And we all have to know the art of letting go and accept what has meant us to happen. When one door closes another door opens. It probably took me forever to forget and let go of him. But this is God's plan. At the right time and right moment I saw my Mr. RIGHT MAN. And I know for sure I was meant for HIM! :)